Diving Courses

PADI Training

Try Diving Half Day / 2 Dives.

Discover Scuba Diving couldnt be easier! After a short training video our multi lingual PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Instructors will explain to you the basics of the sport, covering the equipment you will use, safety procedures, how to correctly interact with aquatic life and fully brief you on the basic techniques you will practice in the ocean. The sensation of breathing underwater alone leaves many hooked after their first training dive. The first of the two dives in the program is to familiarize yourself with your brand new world and the equipment you are using to visit it. At a shallow, sheltered training site your instructor will supervise you closely for a 20 to 30 minute training dive, helping you to feel comfortable underwater, teaching you the basic diving techniques and leaving you feeling ready to head on your first dive in deeper water. Snacks and refreshments will then be served on a surface break of 30 to 40 minutes before gearing up for your second dive and getting ready to go a little deeper.

You are now ready to explore the wonders of the ocean, again closely supervised by one of our PADI professionals you will dive down to a maximum depth of 12 metres at one of our many spots around Santorini.Octopus, lobster, crabs, eels and a variety of fish life await although you may find the underwater topography of Santorinis volcanic shoreline alone enough to leave you wanting more! Upon completing your dives you will receive a certificate signed by your instructor which can be used as credit should you wish you to continue with your dive training and get certified with the PADI Open Water Diver course anywhere in the world. 9.00am 14.00, snacks and refreshments provided, Equipment and professional tuition provided.

Open Water Course

¾ Days

If you are looking to become a certified diver, the PADI Open Water course is the best way to do so. Taking 3 or 4 days, it takes you through your first breaths underwater to being able to conduct your own dives to a maximum depth of 18m (60ft).
Our experienced, multi-lingual instructors specialize in building fantastic divers, allowing you to grow in confidence and naturally develop your abilities underwater.

The course requires some self-study, video lessons, shallow water training and four dives in Open Water. The first two to 12m and the final two to 18m.
Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

2 days

The Advanced Open Water course further develops the skills you learnt in your Open Water course, fine-tuning your underwater buoyancy and navigation skills. It also offer you the opportunity to try new adventures in diving, such as wreck diving, deep diving to 30 metres and night diving.
The course is very practical with the theory consisting of some self-study reading of the manual but no exams or quizzes.
Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Rescue Diver Course

3 Days

Ask any PADI professional which course they are most fond of and the answer of most will be the Rescue course. The confidence gained from being able to handle emergency situations in the water may prove valuable in other areas than your diving.
During the 3 days you will learn how to effectively deal with tired, distressed, panicked and unconscious divers both at the surface and underwater leaving you feeling ready to attempt a rescue should you ever have to.
The theory portion of the course consists of self-study with a manual, video lessons and a final exam. In-water training is conducted both in confined and open water, practicing new techniques and running through role-play scenarios.

Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Divemaster Course

2/3 month internship

The Divemaster course is the first professional level of PADI and enables you to supervise certified divers, assist with student divers in training and independently conduct some PADI courses such as skin diving and scuba tune-ups.
The course is taught over a 2 or 3 month internship allowing you not only to gain the knowledge from the course but also get valuable experience working day to day in a dive centre. You will be involved with operating air compressors, guiding snorkel tours, servicing dive equipment and sales, providing you with the best possible start to your dive career and fully preparing you for working in the dive industry.
You will also be assisting the MDC instructors on PADI courses they are teaching and assist when they are guiding certified divers. Working with different instructors will show you different approaches and techniques, allowing you to create your own unique style when working with students and certified divers.
The course contains self-study, with the Divemaster manual, video lessons and confined and open water training. For more information on all of the courses we offer please get in touch with us here at the centre and we will be happy to explain all of our programs in more detail.

We look forward to having you in the water with us soon!