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MEDITERRANEAN DIVE CLUB started since 1998 in Santorini, as one of the first diving centers around the Greek islands. Fully equipped with the good willing, respect and love to one of the most beautiful and magical sports or hobbies in the world! DIVING!

Mrs. Olga Pozidou, daughter of Christos Pozidis, the owner and Head Instructor of MEDITERRANEAN DIVE CLUB finished her educations in 1996.Due to the fact that she grew up in an environment where diving was lovable and progressive she loved it as well. So she managed to create her own space in Perissa of Santorini where education and information take first place. Our centre is a PADI RESORT, a fact saying that it is worldwide known as a diving centre and certified from BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL HELLAS in our services.

In our diving centre you will find a teaching class equipped with all necessary for every student concerning his theoretical education. modern air compressors for the fast and safe load of the tanks , 3 speedboats for the diving excursions and an excellent educated stuff that does never stop being informed about , developments in space so that it could manage to meet any challenge. Also it is fully informed to give answers in any of your questions. Safe diving with small groups and the individual care is our priority.

MEDITERRANEAN DIVE CLUB intends to guide you to another world a different world than the one you are used toto the wonderful world of the bottom of Santorini. We are expecting you to a magical trip!




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Diving Courses

PADI Training

Try Diving ½ Day. 2 Dives.


Discover Scuba Diving couldnt be easier! After a short training video our multi lingual PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Instructors will explain to you the basics of the sport, covering the equipment you will use, safety procedures, how to correctly interact with aquatic life and fully brief you on the basic techniques you will practice in the ocean. The sensation of breathing underwater alone leaves many hooked after their first training dive. The first of the two dives in the program is to familiarize yourself with your brand new world and the equipment you are using to visit it. At a shallow, sheltered training site your instructor will supervise you closely for a 20 to 30 minute training dive, helping you to feel comfortable underwater, teaching you the basic diving techniques and leaving you feeling ready to head on your first dive in deeper water. Snacks and refreshments will then be served on a surface break of 30 to 40 minutes before gearing up for your second dive and getting ready to go a little deeper.

You are now ready to explore the wonders of the ocean, again closely supervised by one of our PADI professionals you will dive down to a maximum depth of 12 metres at one of our many spots around Santorini.Octopus, lobster, crabs, eels and a variety of fish life await although you may find the underwater topography of Santorinis volcanic shoreline alone enough to leave you wanting more! Upon completing your dives you will receive a certificate signed by your instructor which can be used as credit should you wish you to continue with your dive training and get certified with the PADI Open Water Diver course anywhere in the world. 9.00am 14.00, snacks and refreshments provided, Equipment and professional tuition provided.

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Open Water Course ¾ Days

If you are looking to become a certified diver, the PADI Open Water course is the best way to do so. Taking 3 or 4 days, it takes you through your first breaths underwater to being able to conduct your own dives to a maximum depth of 18m (60ft).
Our experienced, multi-lingual instructors specialize in building fantastic divers, allowing you to grow in confidence and naturally develop your abilities underwater.

The course requires some self-study, video lessons, shallow water training and four dives in Open Water. The first two to 12m and the final two to 18m.
Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course 2 days

The Advanced Open Water course further develops the skills you learnt in your Open Water course, fine-tuning your underwater buoyancy and navigation skills. It also offer you the opportunity to try new adventures in diving, such as wreck diving, deep diving to 30 metres and night diving.
The course is very practical with the theory consisting of some self-study reading of the manual but no exams or quizzes.
Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Rescue Diver Course 3 Days

Ask any PADI professional which course they are most fond of and the answer of most will be the Rescue course. The confidence gained from being able to handle emergency situations in the water may prove valuable in other areas than your diving.
During the 3 days you will learn how to effectively deal with tired, distressed, panicked and unconscious divers both at the surface and underwater leaving you feeling ready to attempt a rescue should you ever have to.
The theory portion of the course consists of self-study with a manual, video lessons and a final exam. In-water training is conducted both in confined and open water, practicing new techniques and running through role-play scenarios.

Upon completing the course you will receive a temporary certificate allowing you to dive until your certification card arrives at your home address.

Divemaster Course 2/3 month internship

The Divemaster course is the first professional level of PADI and enables you to supervise certified divers, assist with student divers in training and independently conduct some PADI courses such as skin diving and scuba tune-ups.
The course is taught over a 2 or 3 month internship allowing you not only to gain the knowledge from the course but also get valuable experience working day to day in a dive centre. You will be involved with operating air compressors, guiding snorkel tours, servicing dive equipment and sales, providing you with the best possible start to your dive career and fully preparing you for working in the dive industry.
You will also be assisting the MDC instructors on PADI courses they are teaching and assist when they are guiding certified divers. Working with different instructors will show you different approaches and techniques, allowing you to create your own unique style when working with students and certified divers.
The course contains self-study, with the Divemaster manual, video lessons and confined and open water training.

For more information on all of the courses we offer please get in touch with us here at the centre and we will be happy to explain all of our programs in more detail.

We look forward to having you in the water with us soon!



Snorkeling ½ Day

ur snorkeling excursions make discovering the beauty of Santorinis crystal clear waters easy for all. We will come and collect from your hotel and bring you to our dive base in Perissa, help you find the correct equipment for your day and set off for the beautiful fishing port of Vhilhada where our speedboats will be waiting – the perfect way to cruise Santorinis waters! Upon reaching our first spot we slide into the water and begin to explore!

Our experienced guides are here for your safety and always go out of their way to make sure your day with Mediterranean Dive Club is the highlight of your stay on Santorini. Our sites offer crystal clear waters, stunning volcanic topography and a variety of marine ilfe including fish, octopus, eels and squid.

After exploring the first spot we will be ready with snacks, drinks and the Mediterranean sunshine for you to enjoy an hour break relaxing in one of our beautiful locations around Santorinis volcanic coast before getting back in the water to enjoy our second location of the day.

Upon returning to port our minivan will be waiting to whisk you back to the dive station to grab a shower, discuss your morning on the water with you fellow snorkelers and finally return you back to your hotel leaving you the afternoon to relax and enjoy. Who knows, you may even find yourself wishing to see more of Santorinis waters only next time below the surface!

9.30am 14.00, snacks and refreshments provided. Transfers, equipment and guide provided.
2/3 different sites visited.

Certified Diver Excursions ½ Day

We run dive trips for certified divers every day to our dive sites all around Santorini. Whether you would like to dive just once or twice in a day, we are sure diving in Santorini will leave a lasting impression! Whether it be inside the lava tunnels of Mesa Pigadia, alongside the enormous wall of Aspronisi island or exploring the beauty of the mystical Adiavodos reef, diving here in Santorini is never dull!

We will pick you up from where you are staying, bring to you the dive base in Perissa and help you find any equipment you will need for your day with us. A short transfer by minivan to our speedboat at Vhlihada port follows and we are ready to set off!
Most of our dive sites take around 20 minutes to reach and we like to dive for around 45 minutes at each spot we visit.
A PADI Divemaster or Instructor will guide you on your dives and help you log your dives upon returning to the dive centre.

We have over 20 dive sites around the island so should you wish to dive another day with us during your stay you will have plenty of new places to explore!

9.30am 14.00, snacks and refreshments provided, Equipment and guide provided.


Photo Gallery


Diving Spots

Tug Boat Wreck

Tag Boat RegThat is one of our deepest wreck! It is a tug Ship which is located behind palaia kameni. I has a size of 20 meters and from 22 meters it starts to go down! It is in an excellent  situation and it has many interesting things to see. Recommended for experienced divers.





MDC- AspronisiAspronisi In this little island inside the caldera there is a wall that starts from 4 meters and goes down reaching until 70 metersIt also has its own sea life variety such as: lobsters, many herds from different species of fish, conger eel, scorpion fish, moray eels, sponges as also many corals. It also has a very beautiful beach where we take our break. Maximum depth 21 meters.



Palea Kameni (Volcano)

This wreck is located between palaia kameni and nea kameni. It is an steam Ship which is sized 40 meters. It has unknown identity and iti was shank in the Second World War! Also if you look better you will see that at the front side of the boat there has been an axplosion.

Taxiarchis Wreck

MDC - Taksiarchis WreckThis magnificent wreck called Marina and located near the volcano. It is a passenger ship that sank 40 years ago it has length 27 meters. Starting at 7 meters and reaches a depth of 14 meters. In this amazing dive, you are able to penetrate the wreck, passing through the bridge of the captain and leading to a small living room to where sat the passengers on board. Then after you leave these spots, you are greeted by the deep abyss of the volcano that will really penetrate you awe … maximum depth of 14 meters.





editerranean Dive Club - Adiavati reefAdiavatous reef: Except the magnificent and rich in sea life reef, at that point you will be able to visit an old town of FIRA that was shank since then from the volcano explosion. It is said to be the old port of FIRA. Except  the ruins that you will see in the old town, you will be able yet  to see the path from which the donkeys  used to walk down in order to reach the port. Maximum depth 21 meters.




Mesa Pigadia 1 & 2

Mediterranean Dive Club - Mesa Pigadia 2Mesa Pigadia-Lava caves: A creation of nature after the big explosion of the volcano in Santorini. There are 7 caves in which some of them you can go through. One of them is enough big and cozy. There is also another cozy and beautiful cave which is lighted by the sun and makes you see a very magical and tempting image. The most important as well as the most exceptional cave that you will never forget is the Coustos cave. There is placed a big sign in honor of the explorer Cousto from his divers. Maximum depth 12 meters.




Perissa Rock

Mediterrannean dive club - Peissa RockPerissa Rock: At that spot there is a wall which is covered with another beautiful reef  where you can enjoy sea life as well as a small canyon which you can cross over and admire its configuration. Maximum depth 18 meters.






Mediterranean Dive Club - Kamari Point 2Kamari Point: At that point you will find a truly beautiful wall that starts from the surface and reaches until 26 meters. There you will see a big variety of sea life and also if you search a little more you will find a small cave which is decorated with beautiful colours from the many different corals that has inside! Maximum dive depth 21 meters.





Diving Packages

For Cerified Divers

  • 1 tank Dive
  • 2 tank Dives
  • 6 tank Dives
  • 10 tank Dives plus 1 night dive

All the above packages provide:


  • Free transfer from/to your hotel
  • All the equipment
  • Dive Guide
  • Different dive sites ( the number of the dive sites depents from packae to package)

For Non Certified Divers

  • Discover Scuba
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling

Discover Scuba & Discover Scuba Diving packages provide:

  • Free transfer from/to your hotel
  • All the equipment
  • Instructor

Snorkeling package provides:

  • Free transfer from/to your hotel
  • All the equipment
  • Snorkeling guide
  • 2 differnt dive sites


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